Sunday, October 22, 2006

Online Reverse Lookup Tables For Various Hashing Algorithms

Here's a list of the various online reverse-lookup tables I found, they all support md5, but some support other hashes as well (including SHA-1 & NT/LM)

If you know of any more PLEASE tell me and I'll add them to the list.

Update: C'mon guys, is it that hard to just leave a comment with the other crackers you know about? I don't moderate comments, you don't need to sign up or anything, just leave a link. I know you guys know of more than this list because I check the referers Google Analytics tells me about, and go to forums and find people linking to others, but no-one has told me of any extra ones.

Some of them seem to be down atm, but since I'm not sure how long they've been down or if they're coming back I'm posting them anyway.

md5: (formerly (good with words) (English dictionary, nearly all one to four character alphanumeric. 27.8m records.) - seems to be down atm (British, Jargon and American worldlist, IP addresses 16.0m records) (good with numbers) (wordlist based, I think) (It seems to say its good, but I've never gotten many hits form here) (this one is quite good and generally returns results, but you have to submit things to be cracked, its not just an online database) (does various, including LM NTLM and SHA-1, but seems to return no results on anything than the most basic, so rather useless) - Does Norwegian words too (for those who can't read russian: put your md5 in the second box) (German, I have no idea....) (Projects->md5 reverse lookup) (I'm not sure i'd trust this site to give more than a tiny amount of results) (requires people to contribute rainbowtables to be able to query them, and continue contributing them constantly) (This is meant to be used as proof that they can actually reverse passwords to convince you to buy their stuff, but as long as they decrypt it it doesn't matter why, right?) (The form at the bottom left of the page) (Queries the MD5 Library AIM Bot)

lm Only: (Currently Offline) (Currently Offline)

lm + ntlm:




Justin said...

Thanks for that nice list :)

Btw, that MD5 lookup page by KOP
also got an IRC cracker bot which searches in his 647 million hashes database. That bot just rocks because its quicker than most sites and has a few more nice functions :D It can be found on #md5

Anonymous said...

Great Job Alex! usefull list.

BTW i gave a link back to your blog :)


Anonymous said...

I'm the owner of Cool blog you got here. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Bro :)

Kaine said...

Would be nice if you can add

it uses several of the md5 online tables and look into it so i would call it some sort of meta md5 online rainbow table reverser :P

Anonymous said...

Great list

form more stuff (videos, Books, exploits) visit this site:

Muelli said...


we are glad to announce the release of md5crack0r-0.1, which is a toolkit to reverse md5 hashed strings. The project is hosted at Feel free to contribute.

The md5crack0r consists of several small programs which are written in Python. The two main applications are md5web and md5aggr.

The md5aggr queries online databases for given hashes. It then returns the cleartext, if found. In technical terms, it issues a http request and parses the result.

The supported databases include:


and a few others. However, new aggregators can easily be build and you are encouraged to build an aggregator for your favourite database!

The md5web is a simple script which does nothing but creating webpages with cleartext and md5 information. To make the search engine index all possible hashes, it creates recursive links, distributed over many domains and IPs. Once the search engine fetches one page, it sees around 120 cleartext - hash tuples (which it will save then) plus another 120 links providing other hashes.

As maintaining a database and providing connectivity is not as easy and it sounds, our idea was to have this done by professionals. Someone who has lots of memory, huge processors and a fat pipe. We thought of search engines...

The implementation is done in Python using CGI. However, a Python implementation using WSGI is in progress and will hopefully perform way better.

A site, running this script is


Anonymous said... (md5 hashes, dictionaries,dates and names)

Anonymous said...

To add to the LM part : (online ;)

Sh4ka said...

could you add plz?

linux0wner said...

Perhaps you add ?

Anonymous said...

Most of these appear to be inactive/taken down.