Saturday, January 19, 2008

24c3 Presentation and Research

I did a presentation entitled Unusual Web Bugs at 24c3 a few weeks ago, for which you can find slides and video for on the first link.

However, since some of the things I presented were some of my own research which I haven't posted anywhere, I'll write a couple of posts about that in the next couple of days. There isn't too much though, so there's no need to get your hopes up, and if you've seen the video, you already know it.

[EDIT]P.S. Any comments or criticisms about the presentation would be greatly appreciated[/EDIT]


mgroves said...

"M$ calls CSRF a 'one-click attack'"

Did you seriously just use "M-dollar-sign"?

kuza55 said...

Well, in my slides, yeah I had M$, but I said MS, since it's faster, and I was trying to rush through things to keep it under the 45 minute time limit.

Maybe I should replace all references to Microsoft with Monopolysoft?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I haven't watch the video, just read the pdf.

I picked up couple of new stuff like PHP user-agent thingy (weird!). Overall good compilation of weird behaviours in web app world.

Alex said...

And here is the video:

Alex said...

Well, Blogspot is annoying ...

Next try:

Travis said...


Just finished watching the talk, glad you decided to present. You brought up some interesting topics which I haven't really looked into and you shed light on things I have looked into. I may be emailing you soon with some questions, talk to you soon.