Monday, January 22, 2007

I won, I won, I won.....

I won a book! Anyway, yesterday I remembered the contests Sploitcast runs, and went and had a look at the one they'd released last friday, and to my surprise found the one that had been released on the day I'd gone canoeing hadn't been solved, a couple of hours later: (Scroll down to the News Section) I solved the challenge (by finding a copy of purchase_report.txt), and it seems I was the first. So now I get a free Syngress Publishing book.

I chose to get RFID Security by Frank Thornton, Brad Haines and John Kleinschmidt, which should be interesting once it gets shipped out to me.

If anyone is bored, I suggest they go try out the challenge (even though you won't win anything), its an interesting one.

Oh, and if anyone is subscribed to the RSS feed (I think there are a very small few) and you don't want to read about crap like this, just subscribe to the "Security (All)" feed, which won't contain anything other than security articles.


Peter said...

Well done ;)

Any clues on how to do it? Been trying to work it out since yesterday, but am no closer, lol. I worked out there was something on that background image, but from there on am not sure what to look for at the other website.

kuza55 said...

yeah, its an interesting one alright, but luckily they've posted the solution so I don't have to (yay) here:

So yeah, once you read it you'll see there's only one little trick involved to get past most of it.

Oh, and Tamper Data is a great extension, none of this telnet crap for me, :p

Peter said...

Ah, looks like I made a mistake, it was the 1-12-07 contest you solved?

I thought it was the latest one...

"Saturday January 20, 2007
You're challenge this week is a hunt, follow the links starting with Good Luck! The Winner of the Big Corp challenge is "kuza55". Congratualtions!"

I should read things more carefully. :p

And yes, Tamper Data is great, I can't stand using telnet :p

Cheers ;)