Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Javascript Overloading

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, Jeremiah's idea of masking functions works quite well, but I left out the fact that it only works for the window object, so things like document.write() are still safe because document cannot be masked. try it:

javascript:function document() {};

And you get the error Error: redeclaration of const document.

As you can see, while I do call it masking when you override XMLHttpRequest by creating a function of the same name, it is really just redeclaring it inside the window context.

So its effectively impossible to stop people writing to the document, and therefore creating an iframe and using it's XMLHttpRequest object.

Now, thanks to Mook from irc.mozilla.org #js I've also found out that for everything other than XMLHttpRequest that you can over-write there also seems to be a property in window.__proto__ that does the same thing. Conveniently enough you can also create a function called __proto__ which blocks it.

Also, just some assorted things about Javascript which I mentioned in previous articles I want to mention:

When the submit() method gets replaced by a form element of the same name, you can still access it via the form.__proto__.submit() function, again; Thanks Mook.

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